Think economically – act ecologically Vision Climate and environmental protection have become an integral part of our society, as well as sustainable business activities. To do justice to both areas, we all have to rethink together. Securenergy develops various concepts to actively involve our customers in the energy transition. Along the line: “think economically – act ecologically” we want to advance our vision. With photovoltaic power plants on unused roofs and open areas, we make an significant contribution to a respectful treatment of the environment. We develop, build and operate high-quality, profitable and tailor-made photovoltaic power plants, thereby contributing to the achievement of one of the most important aims of climate policy: the reduction of climate-damaging greenhouse gas emissions. Solution Ambitious national, european but also global climate targets demand that we take further action quickly. The society is dependent on renewable electricity production, thereby electricity production from solar energy makes an important role – also in Germany. In close collaboration with the roof and area owners as well as the municipalities, we design individual and tailor-made concepts for the installation and connection of photovoltaic systems. Our expertise and many years of experience, we can develop a photovoltaic system at almost any location that does not compromise on quality and thus achieve the optimum yield. An investment in photovoltaic systems pays off in the long term, both economically and ecologically. We would be please to advise you. More information About Us Renewable energies are an important pillar of our energy supply and are becoming increasingly important - and currently more quickly than ever before.
The berlin team at securenergy has been offering turnkey systems since 2015. So far, we have installed modules with a total output of over 50 megawatts on almost 300 roofs and areas.
Our interdisciplinary team cover all relevant areas of the value chain: From project acquisition to technical planning services as well as project financing and operational management. Securenergy obtained all services from a single source and this is how we guarantee our customers a professional project performance.
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Ecological commitment Sustainability is close to our heart Securenergy protects about 1,000 m2 of canadian rainforest as compensation for the identified carbon footprint. We purchase natural electricity Every year, we purchase 180,000 kilowatt hours of electricity from 100% renewable energy sources for our existing facilities. We value good planning With the voluntary participation and application of the standards of the Bundesverband Neue Energiewirtschaft (bne), we would like to contribute another significant part to the energy transition. More information