Sustainability is important to us

Sustainability is important to us


As inhabitants of the earth, we consume a part of its resources every day and leave traces on the earth through our activities. The ecological footprint serves as an indicator of the impact of our activities on nature. The emission of greenhouse gases (GHG), which can be represented as a CO₂ footprint, also makes up a significant part of this.

Starting in 2019, securenergy will take responsibility for its annual greenhouse gas emissions by offsetting the identified CO₂-footprint. With the help of the Wilderness International Foundation, we are protecting the temperate Canadian rainforest, which itself is one of the world champions in the capture and storage of CO₂. By protecting the primeval forests, we preserve habitats and biodiversity for eternity and thus say thank you to nature!

The calculation of the CO2-footprint

To determine our internal GHG emissions, we use the recognized system of specific emission factors. With their help, the amount of GHG in CO2 equivalents can be calculated based on the consumption values of electricity, fuel and resources.

Our CO2-footprint

Together with Wilderness International, we balanced a footprint of 104,500 kg CO2,eq based on our previous year’s data. From this, a rainforest area of about 1.000 m² was determined to be protected, which we take into our care annually.

Time to say thank you

We are pleased to be able to say thank you to nature through our company’s CO₂ compensation and thus actively protect forests. Since 2019, securenergy has taken responsibility for its consumption of nature by offsetting its calculated CO₂-footprint with the protection of huge virgin forest trees. By protecting these forest areas, CO₂ remains bound in living biomass and habitats and biodiversity are preserved.

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