Committed to nature conservation

NABU – Nature-compatible PV open-site systems


PV open-site systems offer a unique opportunity to combine nature conservation and climate protection if they are sited and constructed in an environmentally compatible manner. In addition to our voluntary participation and application of the standards of the German Federal Association Neue Energiewirtschaft (bne), we would like to give special weight to the protection of nature and species.
As important indicator, we are particularly committed, are the criteria for nature-compatible PV open-site systems, established by the German Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU).

What this means for us:

Consideration of specific exclusion areas when choosing a location (e.g. nature reserves, national parks, Ramsar areas).
Planning criteria such as a small mammal and amphibian friendly fencing of the solar park, where a fence ground distance of 20 cm is maintained in order not to develop a barrier effect. In addition, a limitation of the module depth and the total degree of sealing.
Maintenance of the PV area by grazing or mowing and exclusion of pesticides or herbicides.
Use of regional seeds.
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