bne – commitment

bne – commitment


During the development of our solar projects, in addition to a professional project process, we are always concerned that the expansion of our PV open-site systems has a significant positive impact on environmental protection, agriculture and nature conservation. With the voluntary participation and application of the standards of the German Federal Association Neue Energiewirtschaft (bne) we would like to contribute another significant part to the energy transition.

What this means for us:

Obligations to municipalities, administrations & citizens.
Obligations to farmers and to land use.
Obligations to the integration of a photovoltaic system into the landscape.
Obligations to increase biodiversity.
Further obligations for planning, implementation & technology.

Knowing that steady growth in the energy industry also depends to a large extent on acceptance by local municipalities, citizens and landowners, we specifically put our attention on implementing an overall concept that is compatible with the environment and nature.

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