Oct. 2021

Hagen building committee approves plans for 11.3 megawatt solar park

The planning area of the approx. 3.8 megawatt solar park Wittstedt East, about 3 km north of the local center of Wittstedt, is one of two partial areas which the current project planning of the solar park Wittstedt provides. This area is appropriately preloaded by an extra-high voltage pylon that is why energy generation and transmission share one area.

Wittstedt is a district of the village of Bramstedt in the unified municipality of Hagen im Bremischen in the district of Cuxhaven in Lower Saxony. Approximately 600 m northwest of the solar park Wittstedt Ost is the second subarea, with a total output of about 7 megawatts.

On a total of 17 ha around 14.8 million kWh of solar power could be generated and 8,000 to 10,000 tons of CO₂ emissions saved per year compared to conventional coal-fired power plants. In addition, with a total output of 11.3 megawatts, the solar park would be able to generate around 10.9 kWh of solar power per year and thus sustainably secure an electrical energy supply for an estimated 3,000 households.

As a guest in Bramstedt, Felix Kandsorra, project developer of securenergy solutions AG and a native of Bremerhaven, was able to present our current plans for the construction of the two solar parks to the Hagen building committee in October, as well as explain the requirements of a land use plan procedure. The committee was in favor of the construction. Therefore they advocated of initiation of the urban land use plan procedure for the generation of green electricity.

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