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Oct. 2022 ― Decision to develop 170 megawatt solar parks in Schmergow and Krielow

Oct. 2022 ― Information evening in Niebel-Treuenbrietzen about the climate park Niebel

Oct. 2022 ― 2.1 megawatt PV rooftop system completed

Oct. 2022 ― Unanimous resolution for 2.3 megawatt solar park Utzedel

Sep. 2022 ― Guest at the RegioTalk around "Business and Energy - Challenges and Opportunities in Times of Change"

Aug. 2022 ― Beverstedt lighthouse project makes further progress

Jun. 2022 ― 1.5 megawatt PV rooftop system completed in Wulkau

Apr. 2022 ― Start of construction in Schwindebeck

Mar. 2022 ― Unanimous decision in principle for 7 megawatt solar park on the A20 motorway

Mar. 2022 ― Further planning approved Nordsee-Zeitung

Mar. 2022 ― Next step for Dallgower solar park Märkische Allgemeine

Jan. 2022 ― Full steam ahead: Green power in Lüneburg County

Jan. 2022 ― Surcharge received for 6 megawatts

Jan. 2022 ― Solar park - what is known so far


Dec. 2021 ― Information event on the construction of a solar park in Ziesar

Dec. 2021 ― Regional green electricity for the people of Kreuzau

Dec. 2021 ― Planning for several solar parks in Moringen Hessische/Niedersächsische Allgemeine

Nov. 2021 ― 3.5 megawatt solar park Hödingen in planning

Oct. 2021 ― Hagen building committee approves plans for 11.3 megawatt solar park

Sep. 2021 ― Homberger support 18 megawatt solar park Meiersberg

Jul. 2021 ― Possibly the largest solar park in Lüneburg County

Jun. 2021 ― Initiation of the urban land use plan procedure for the solar park Hüllhorst has been applied for

Jun. 2021 ― Great interest in the 55 megawatt solar park in Bokel

Apr. 2021 ― Investor plans solar park with 24,000 modules Dewezet

Feb. 2021 ― Will Jeggel get a solar park? Altmark Zeitung


Interesting facts about us

Nov. 2022

SUNOTEC and securenergy solutions AG establish joint venture for the development and construction of a 1-gigawatt portfolio in Germany

SUNOTEC, European market leader in the construction of open-space photovoltaic (PV)-systems, and project developer securenergy solutions AG are pooling their expertise and have launched the SECURSUN joint venture…

Jul. 2022

securenergy solutions AG tiene un potencial de unos 4 gigavatios en el desarrollo de proyectos de parques solares en Alemania

Hasta el 2025, securenergy solutions AG se ha fijado el objetivo de ampliar su propia cartera a otros 1,5 gigavatios de sistemas de generación regenerativa…

Jul. 2021

Partner of securenergy, Agrar Planetal Lütte from Bad Belzig generates solar power with quality components from Q CELLS

Agrar Planetal Lütte GmbH in Bad Belzig in the district of Potsdam-Mittelmark benefits from leasing its previously unused roof space for solar power generation…
Dec. 2020

On roofs, fallow land and ruins: the Ziesar agricultural cooperative invests in solar power

There is no longer any money to be made with milk and cereals alone. Many farmers have long since jumped into the alternative energy business. The agricultural cooperative Ziesar is also following this trend…
Jun. 2020

securenergy solutions AG successfully negotiates development of 200 MW solar PV capacity with the largest energy supplier worldwide

The concluded Joint Development Agreement (JDA) with the energy giant Enel Green Power provides additional drive to securenergy solutions AG despite Covid-19 times…

Jun. 2020

Partner of securenergy, Agricultural cooperatives in Germany rely on power generation with solar modules from Q CELLS

Agricultural cooperatives in Neukönigsaue in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt are increasing the profitability of their farms by leasing their previously unused rooftop space for solar power generation…
May 2020

securenergy solutions AG unites its shareholders‘ skills

The leading minds of securenergy GmbH, Photon Energy Solar GmbH and IWE group bundle their know-how having founded securenergy solutions AG, which will focus on ground-mounted photovoltaic systems within Germany…