Yvonne Strzys (sixth from left), authorized signatory and project head for PV open-site systems at securenergy solutions AG at this year’s BNEW:22, also the 20th anniversary of the bne.
(Photo: LinkedIn, German Federal Association Neue Energiewirtschaft e.V. (bne))

securenergy solutions AG signs the voluntary commitment of the German Federal Association Neue Energiewirtschaft (bne) to the updated standards for «Good planning of PV open-site systems»

Already last year, securenergy solutions AG voluntarily joined the requirements of the German Federal Association Neue Energiewirtschaft (bne) named in the «Good Planning» framework. The «Good Planning» defines standards so that solar parks make a positive contribution to climate protection, biodiversity, environmental protection and nature conservation as well as rural development, which go beyond the legal requirements.

This year, the bne has updated the content of the «Good Planning», reorganized it contractually and published the new version already this month.

In order to continue to create benefits for municipalities, local land owners and citizens, securenergy solutions AG has already signed the license agreement drawn up by the bne. At the same time, the company would like to continue working on the symbiosis between solar energy and nature conservation with positive effects for biodiversity.

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