Ecological awareness is growing. With Germany’s climate goals in mind, securenergy solutions AG will rev up its development of open-field photovoltaic systems. (Image: securenergy solutions AG)

securenergy solutions AG unites its shareholders‘ skills

The leading minds of SecurEnergy GmbH, Photon Energy Solar GmbH and IWE group bundle their know-how having founded securenergy solutions AG, which will focus on ground-mounted photovoltaic systems within Germany.

After several years of successful cooperation, securenergy GmbH from Berlin, Photon Energy Solar GmbH, and IWE group from Denmark combine their common expertise. Therefore, the shareholders and managing directors Holger Stabernack (securenergy GmbH), Karsten Becker (Photon Energy Solar GmbH) and Casper Rasmussen (IWE group) have founded securenergy solutions AG (SES AG). From now on, the entrepreneurs will cooperate even more closely and focus on planning and realisation of utility-scale photovoltaic systems in Germany. The projects are managed from the Berlin headquarters.

About Holger Stabernack, securenergy GmbH

Think economically – act ecologically. This is how securenergy GmbH summarizes its basic intention. Since 2015 the company is successfully managing the entire solar project pipeline, starting with acquisition of open-site and rooftop systems, through planning and construction, and the turnkey handover of the photovoltaic system to the investors. Led by Holger Stabernack from Berlin, the company has installed modules with a total output of over 60 megawatts on over 250 roofs so far.
“By building large-scale photovoltaic systems we want to actively increase our contribution to environmental protection. With securenergy solutions AG, we will mainly focus on ground-mounted and FIT-free solar in Germany. We have managed to procure a pipeline of 800 megawatts, and in this new constellation we have the chance to further expand our potential,” says Holger Stabernack in regard to his vision for the company. First positive negotiations with PPA-providers and financing institutions have already been concluded. Holger Stabernack holds the position of executive member at securenergy solutions AG.

About Karsten Becker, Photon Energy Solar GmbH

With many years of experience on the solar market, Karsten Becker will enrich securenergy solutions AG as executive member. Driven by the impulse to improve the global carbon footprint, the entrepreneur founded seca energy in 2009. He took over Photon Energy Solar GmbH in 2015, acting as partner and managing director. Photon Energy Solar GmbH has installed over 120 photovoltaic systems in Germany. In addition, a total of 200 megawatts of renewable energy plants was commissioned in Italy and Spain, as well as in Latin America. «In the upcoming years, we want to achieve a solar generation capacity of about 1 gigawatt by building additional PV systems,» says Becker. “We will also expand our activities in the area of rooftop and ground-mounted systems internationally. We have merged our competences and networks. As partners, we will be able to establish securenergy solutions AG in the global

About Casper Rasmussen, IWE Group

Since 2008 Casper Rasmussen has been the owner of the Danish group IWE, acting in the field of renewable energies. Starting as a broker for wind power projects, Rasmussen was able to implement investments of more than EUR 250 million. Having broadened its activities towards operation and project development in 2013, IWE started its first photovoltaic projects. In the last four years Casper Rasmussen focused on purchase and financing of photovoltaic systems for Danish investors. «Now, with this connection, we can finally serve major international investors. securenergy solutions AG will act as a one-stop shop. We want to deliver projects to small and large companies from one and the same place. If we achieve the status of a preferred partner in the future, we will have reached our goal”, said Rasmussen, chairman of the supervisory board of securenergy solutions AG.

securenergy solutions AG expects a further growing demand for solar in the energy business. The company expects that we will see more and much larger photovoltaic systems in Germany in the future. At this point securenergy solutions AG has settled the primary goal of contributing its significant part.

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