Aug. 2021

Regional green electricity for the people of Kreuzau

Our current project planning in NRW envisages two planning areas with a total capacity of around 10.7 megawatts on the territory of the municipality of Kreuzau in the district of Düren. The two farmland areas, totaling 12.7 ha, are located south of Thum, a district of the municipality of Kreuzau.

In total the two solar parks Kreuzau East and Kreuzau West would be able to generate about 12 million kWh of solar power per year and thus sustainably secure the electrical energy supply for an estimated 3,300 3-4 person households per year. Compared to a coal-fired power plant, this could avoid carbon dioxide emissions of 9,200 to 11,000 tons per year.

After the meeting with the planning and building committee of the municipality of Kreuzau at the end of August regarding our project plan a unanimous vote was taken in the committee after a lively exchange. They were basically in favour of the realization of the two solar parks. At the beginning of December the project successfully passed through all committees. With the official decisions on the development of the site, the starting signal for the entry into the urban land use planning has now been given.

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