Partner of securenergy, Agrar Planetal Lütte from Bad Belzig generates solar power with quality components from Q CELLS

Agrar Planetal Lütte GmbH in Bad Belzig in the district of Potsdam-Mittelmark benefits from leasing its previously unused roof space for solar power generation using Q CELLS solar modules and components. securenergy solutions AG has installed a solar systems for an investor with an output of 1.5 MWp. The electricity is fed directly into the public grid, from where more than 350 households can be supplied with clean electricity going forward.

Installing a solar systems undoubtedly pays off for agricultural businesses, whether by leasing their usually spacious roof areas to an investor, by consuming the solar electricity themselves, or by feeding the solar power into the public power grid. In any case, the climate and consumers in the respective region will gain advantages from every kilowatt hour of solar energy generated and the 570 tons of CO2 emissions saved every year.

Through its premium Q.PARTNER securenergy solutions AG, Q CELLS – a globally successful full-service provider of clean energy solutions in the fields of solar plants, solar power plants, energy storage and energy supply – has delivered more than 4,150 Q.PEAK DUO-G6 and Q.PEAK DUO ML-G9 solar modules plus associated inverters for several solar arrays with an output of 1.5 MWp to Agrar Planetal Lütte GmbH in Bad Belzig. “With the completion of the second construction phase in Lütte, securenergy’s project portfolio grew to more than 30 rooftop PV systems with a total output of around 13 MWp in the Potsdam-Mittelmark district alone, one of our core regions,” said Johann Egger, project manager at securenergy.

Until now, securenergy solutions AG has installed solar modules with a total output of over 150 megawatts throughout Germany. The company covers the entire process, from the acquisition of roof and open spaces, through the planning and construction of the photovoltaic systems, to the turnkey handover to the investor. In this process, the issue of quality plays a major role: “Since 2019, 90% of the PV roof systems we built have already been equipped with the high-quality solar modules of our partner Q CELLS. For us and our customers, the performance, quality and reliability of the components we use are extremely important. Recently we were awarded as Premium Q.PARTNER by Q CELLS due to the very trustful cooperation. It is a very profitable partnership for both sides,” Johann Egger continues.

“Installation of the solar systems is a worthwhile additional source of income for Agrar Planetal Lütte GmbH through the lease income for its roof areas. The solar plants will produce around 1,400 MWh per year and thus contribute to saving 570 tons of CO2 annually. 100% of the solar power generated will be fed into the power grid and can be used to supply 350 households with an average power consumption of 4,000 kWh.

Many agricultural companies possess large roof areas that are very suitable for generating solar power. By leasing their roof spaces, they can increase profits while helping to reduce carbon footprint and protect the climate by further expanding solar energy.

Also numerous mid-sized companies are interested in a solar installation to reduce their operating costs through self-generated solar energy directly at the point of consumption, but they often consider implementing their project to be too planning and capital intensive.

Goo Min, Managing Director of Q CELLS, says: “It is encouraging that more and more small and medium-sized enterprises are choosing to use solar energy for their own benefit and thus strengthen their own competitiveness. The opportunities for businesses to benefit from solar energy are manifold. I can only recommend to any company interested in reducing its operating costs through solar energy to seek advice from one of our competent Q.PARTNERs in order to find the optimal solution”.